Professional Forms for 장유출장마사지 Massage Therapists

May 9, 2023

Are you looking for professionally designed, done-for-you, 장유출장마사지 massage therapy client intake and reporting forms? Let’s face it, designing forms can be a complex and time-consuming task. The time that’s better spent treating your clients and growing your business.

I’m Tim Cooper and like you, I’m a massage therapist who likes to present a professional image in all areas of my business. Several years ago I was looking for massage intake forms that not only looked good but also complied with association and health fund requirements.

I just couldn’t find anything I was happy with, so I decided to design my forms. I purchased some software that was suitable for the job at hand and then spent days designing my forms. Moving input fields from one place to another.

Making sure all the forms looked balanced and all the text and input boxes lined up. Seriously, some of the forms took me hours to create. Even today, I continue to create new forms for use in my clinic and also at the request of my fellow 장유출장마사지 massage therapists.

These are massage forms designed by Massage Therapists for Massage Therapists. Not only are these forms the same forms I use in my clinic, but They are also currently in use in hundreds of clinics around the world along with several educational institutions.

Whether you’re looking for professionally designed forms to make a good impression on your clients, comply with a professional association and health insurance requirements, protect yourself against false claims, or ensure your records represent you in a professional light in the event they are required for legal purposes, “The Professional Massage Forms Kit” offers all this and more.

Now you may ask, apart from the client intake form, physical assessment, and maybe a S.O.A.P. Note form, what other forms do you need? Well, it all depends on your practice and the style of massage you perform.

.. but rest assured our professional forms will meet your needs and if you need a form designed… well, we’ll do that for you free of charge! With our full set of uniformly designed forms, all your client reporting and progress-tracking needs are taken care of.

Let’s take a look at what you get as part of the “Professional 장유출장마사지 Massage Forms Kit like table ” – You get the client intake form or the client history form, physical assessment form, pain analysis form, muscle strength test, SOAP note form, and the treatment summary.

I hear you, you’re saying all that’s great Tim but what do the forms look like? Well, sit tight as I walk you through each form… When I first designed these forms they were beautifully shaded, helping to make the individual areas and input fields stand out.

However, as I sold more copies of the forms I started to receive a lot of requests to make a non-shaded version of the forms available, just to cut down on the amount of ink required to print and copy the forms.

When you purchase your copy of the Professional Massage Forms Kit today you will receive both the shaded and non-shaded versions of all the forms. For this walk, we’ll use the non-shaded forms.

First impressions are so important and what better way to introduce a new client to your 장유출장마사지 massage clinic than to have them complete this comprehensive client history form? This double-sided form helps you gather all the required information, from their personal contact information, doctor referral information, and then a brief medical history with a description of the pain, what they’re presenting with, and then the areas where they can indicate on a model where their pain is and then to write down in words what their problem is.

The second page of this form allows for the collection of more detailed medical history with a selection of checkboxes and input areas where they can put more detailed information in. Next of kin and emergency information, then the client declaration with the consent areas where they can check what areas of the body they’re allowing you to treat.

Areas for signature, date, and email address. The physical assessment form. Now this form guides you through the physical assessment process from head to toe and allows you to record your findings. This double-sided form allows for the entry of your observations on client gait analysis, physical alignment, soft tissue tone, temperature, and sensitivity.

Functional mobility and any special tests that you may perform including Valsalva, vat, Homan’s sign plus any additional orthopedic and neural tests that may be required. The pain analysis form. Now this form is based on the McGill Pain Scale.

This is a very important form, especially when you are working with clients who suffer from chronic pain. Without an accurate record, it’s very difficult to prove to the client that their pain has been reduced as a result of your treatment plan.

In the case of chronic pain, this form should be completed by the client at the time of the first visit with fresh forms being completed following set number of treatments. On this form, you can see check areas for the different words that often relate to the same sort of pain because everybody’s vocabulary is different, so we have our area where they can nominate the words that describe their pain, then they come down and record the frequency and duration of pain, what type of pain it is, what makes the pain worse, when the pain was better, the number of hours over the last 24 hours that they were actually in pain, any pain killers that they used and then they indicate their pain on a level of one to ten, then they indicate on the model where the pain is and what sort of pain it is, whether it’s numbness, pulsating, throbbing, burning, stabbing, pins and needles, radiating and where it’s radiating to.

As I said, this form when you’re working with clients in pain is imperative. Say for example you’ve been working on a client for a little while and they filled out one of these forms when they first came and saw you, and they come back about four weeks later after several treatments and they say, “Look I’m still in pain”, and what you do is you get them to fill out a new form and then you compare the new form to the form that they filled out when they first came and saw you.

Now this is done in their hand, this is their report, not your report. So they can then see that, okay, when I first came and saw you I had a pain level of eight that was constant, now I have an intermittent pain of three.

So I might still be in pain, yes it’s true, but there has been an improvement. The problem when you’re dealing with pain is that all the client knows is that they’re still in pain, they were in pain when they first came and saw you and they’re still in pain.

They may not have sat down and analyzed and thought about things and realized that their pain has changed. All they know is that they’re in pain. So it’s your job to do the record, do the process charting, so that you can indicate to them that they are improving and this is great psychologically as well because when they can see that, by filling out these forms themselves, these aren’t your notes, these are forms they fill out themselves and they can see an improvement that is a great psychological step forward in their well-being.

Another useful form is the muscle strength test form. This can be used to record observations when comparing the strength and range of motion from one side to the other. Strains, contusions, and nerve-related problems can affect the strength of affected muscles and this form allows you to track the progress over time as the client undergoes treatment and rehabilitation.

This form is quick and simple to fill out, you just basically put down whether they’re left or right-side dominant, the muscle or muscle group that’s being tested, the type of test performed, the date, and then the difference, if any, in the strength between the two sides along with any comments and observations.

The S.O.A.P. Note form would have to be my favorite note-taking format because it’s ideal for initial treatment plus follow-up visits. The S.O.A.P Notes form provides a structure that is clear and easy to follow.

So S stands for Subjective and that’s the problem the client has come to see you about or what they have experienced since the last visit. O stands for Objective and that’s what you observe by way of assessment and palpation.

Stands for action and the details of the treatment you performed. P stands for plan and this could include any referrals or imaging requests, the treatment plan you recommend to the client along with any stretching and strengthening exercises prescribed.

Our specialized S.O.A.P. form also provides an area for you to record the range of movement of the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine, along with a diagram you can visually illustrate the areas and pain patterns the client is presenting with.

And what better way to complete this set of client reporting forms than with a matching treatment summary? A clean, ruled form allows for the free-form entry of client notes. Now you’d have to agree that these are great-looking forms that will not only make a great impression on your clients and comply with all the legal requirements you’re bound to fulfill as a 장유출장마사지 massage therapist but.

.. if you purchase your copy of the Professional Massage Forms Kit today you’ll also receive these limited-time bonuses… Bonus #1 The manual lymphatic drainage information and client consent form. This is a beautifully laid out, double-sided form that explains the benefits and contraindications of manual lymphatic drainage massage.

It explains the treatment and why various areas of the body need to be accessed. A client declaration and consent area are also provided. Plus you’ll the Myofascial Dry Needling Treatment Details. With the popularity of dry needling increasing I decided to design a treatment form to record needle placement and any other notes relating to the treatment.

Three treatments can be recorded and performed. Bonus #2, a fillable version of the client history form. I have often been asked to make a fillable version of the client history form available, this version of the form can be emailed to the client or placed on a website.

The client can enter the information directly into the form, print it out and bring it with them on their first visit. As a special bonus, you’ll also receive a fillable version of the client pain analysis form as well.

Bonus #3 The Clinical Notes Abbreviations for 장유출장마사지 Massage Therapists eBook. Note-taking shorthand can be tricky. And it seems that every therapist has their way to abbreviate common massage and medical terms.

The Clinical Note Abbreviations for Massage Therapists eBook lists one hundred and thirty common abbreviations that allow you to write detailed notes quickly. This resource can also be used in a multi-therapist clinic to assist with the standardization of clinical notes.

This resource can be provided to third parties along with your notes to ensure they can read and comprehend correctly. Bonus #4 Lifetime access to the Professional Massage Forms membership area. You will receive notifications on updated releases, new forms, and additional bonuses as they become available.

Let’s take a quick look at each of the bonus forms. As mentioned previously, this double-sided form provides important information and client consent for manual lymphatic drainage massage. The first page provides information about what manual lymphatic drainage massage is, the benefits, and the contraindications.

The second page then goes on to describe the treatment, how it is performed, the various patterns and the areas of the body that are accessed, and any possible side effects and then concludes with the client declaration and consent at the bottom of the form.

The myofascial dry needling treatment details form once again allows for three treatments to be recorded on the one form and it just allows for you to visually record your needle placement and any notes relating to the treatment.

The fillable version of the client intake form, as I said, can be either emailed to the client or put up on a website where the client can actually enter their details directly into the form and then print and bring the completed form with them at their first visit.

It makes for a very clean record because now everything is typed directly into the form where they can then print and bring it in. If they make a mistake they can simply hit the reset button, clear the form and start everything over again.

A fillable version of the client pain analysis form is also available. So not only do you get these great bonus forms you get instant access to your forms. All your forms and bonuses are delivered to you electronically and are available for immediate download in our secure membership area.

So you don’t even have to wait! So let’s just take another look at what you’ll receive. You’ll receive the Professional Massage Forms Kit which includes the client history, physical assessment, pain analysis, strength test, S.

O.A.P. Notes and treatment summary forms. The manual lymphatic drainage and client consent form. The myofascial dry needling treatment detail form. The fillable versions of the client history and client pain analysis forms.

The Clinical Note Abbreviations for 장유출장마사지 Massage Therapists eBook. Plus lifetime access to updates and additional bonuses. So, how much would you expect to pay for a set of professionally designed forms plus all those bonuses? These forms and bonuses took me hours to create.

.. and I could easily charge $67 or more for them. But you’re not going to pay $67…. you’re even going to pay $47, or $27. If you purchase today, you will receive a set of professional massage forms plus all the bonuses for only $17.

Now look I’m so confident that you will love the professional look and feel of these forms that I’m going to guarantee it. And here’s my guarantee to you. When you purchase the professional massage forms kit you will have a full 30 days to start using these forms in your clinic.

If during this time you feel the forms aren’t a fit for your business just send me an email explaining why you don’t believe the forms are of use to you and I’ll give you a full refund. That’s how confident I am that you are going to love these massage forms.

And I can’t think of a more fair and reasonable than that. So seriously, what are you waiting for? You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. Click the add to cart button now and receive instant access to the professional massage forms kit which includes the client history, physical assessment, pain analysis, strength test, S.

O.A.P. Notes and treatment summary forms. The manual lymphatic drainage information and client consent form. The myofascial dry needling treatment detail form. Fillable versions of the client history and client pain analysis forms.